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San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA is a prominent city and county of the state of California. It is the fourth most populous city in California, with a population of 805,235 in 2010 and an estimated population of 870,887 in 2016 according to the US Census Bureau. Recently, San Francisco has flourished dramatically through an influx of technological and banking giants headquartering in the city. 

San Francisco Skyline with Golden Gate Bridge
The Spanish established the city of San Francisco in 1776, naming it after Saint Francis. After Spanish rule ceased, the city was under Mexican rule in 1821. Following the Mexican-American War, the city was ceded to the United States. 

The city has a rich history of significant events. The San Francisco 49er’s National Football League team is named after the California Gold Rush of 1849, which drew tens of thousands to San Francisco in search of great wealth. San Francisco also suffered from a catastrophic earthquake in 1906, which destroyed more than three quarters of the city. Following rebuilding, the city established extensive infrastructure and grew to house more people. 

With the dot-com bubble and social media boom, San Francisco is the home of numerous start-up corporations. Ranging from different products and services, companies like Yelp,, Twitter, Reddit, Dropbox, and Uber continue to increase economic growth in the city. 

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