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"This place is amazing, I was trying to buy a folding bike to take to my country (Argentina) and Paul O did his best to help me. I am really happy with his support and I hope to see him again in my next trip to sfo. Definitely is the bike place in San Francisco. Thanks a lot!!!" - Franco Coroso

"Michael was extremely helpful and offered many options to consider from modifying existing bike to buying brand new. In the end I decided to modify the bike and couldn't be happier with the results. It rides better than some of the brand new bikes out there for less than the cost. Check them out!" - Jerrold Moyer

"Great service (next door). Prices are reasonable for many items. I mostly come for the service." - F L

"Friendly, helpful, good prices, packed with goodies. Bought Ortlieb panniers, wide selection of options." - Peter Liddicoat

"Really nice and helpful people! Decent selection of bikes and apparel." - Alex Unger

"I feel comfortable knowing that Valencia Cyclery has very fair prices. Even after doing my own research online for the same products they seem to be the same if not lower during sales.I came in as an uninformed cyclist and was patiently attended to for a solid half hour. They let me try out multiple bikes, wanting me to make sure I felt comfortable on my ultimate selection even though I was ready to take the first one I tried.What I was impressed by was that they closed the door and put up the closed sign, but didn't rush anyone in the store. That day I went, they officially closed 30 minutes after they shut the front door and the last customer walked out. That patience! Then they remembered me a few days later when I came to pick up the bike! (Whoops, maybe I stayed too long the first time)If you purchase from them, they offer potentially free tune-ups and adjustments within the first 6 months as you break in your bike. They'll also do additional accessory purchases/installs for 10% off." - Andrea Fang 

"Surprisingly large selection of bike accessories and parts for a neighborhood store. Good interactions with the staff so far" - Dave Baker

"Vaughn helped me out today. I appreciated his professionalism and kindness. I bought my bike at Valencia Cyclery because he made the process non-intimidating. I would highly recommend this place." - Rory Robertson

"I was never a bike rider before I moved to san francisco, but it's pretty essential here. I went to valencia cyclery to get started and get my first bike. It was not a mistake. The people were extremely friendly and helpful. They helped me find a good middle-of-the-road bike that fit my needs. They also gave me a card that got me discounts and free tune-ups for a year. I've gone back a few times to get tips or accessories and they are always really willing to help and listen." - Amanda Astey 

"Really helpful staff here in a laid-back, no pressure sales environment. I was really appreciative of the assistance I got selecting a bike (and then getting set up with all the accessories I'd need)." - Andy Martone

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